A more in-depth look at Our Team


Kate Wood


Kate co-owns Little Fishes with her husband Jonathan. With a competitive and synchronised swimming background, she began studying at the University of Johannesburg after school. Whilst completing her third year BCom Corporate Communications degree with majors in psychology and public relations, she opened her own Event company.
This very successful venture saw her becoming the event director of the Birchwood Half Marathon, a huge attraction on the South African running calendar that attracts more than 4000 athletes annually. Her most recent project has been the establishment of the ‘Heroes and Princess Faire’ at the Birchwood Hotel, the first undertaking of this kind on Johannesburg’s East Rand with an extremely successful inaugural event.
For the future of Little Fishes, Kate aims to educate parents and schools on the importance of swimming lessons, with the aim of trying to reduce the amount of fatal drownings in our community. Kate is exceptionally proud that Little Fishes is a SWIM SA registered facility, as a great amount of work goes into making sure we maintain our accreditation to ensure the best offering to all our swimmers. Kate truly believes that Little Fishes offers the highest level of early water development in young children.


Jonathan Wood


Jonathan shares ownership of Little Fishes with his wife, Kate. He has always excelled in the sporting arena, and played water polo at a provincial level before relocating internationally to spend seven years playing masters hockey.

Now a doting father of 3, Jonathan has turned his attention to triathlons as a form of competitive enjoyment.

At Little Fishes, his specialisation is stroke development, and he is extremely patient and understanding of his young swimmers. His qualifications under Swim South Africa include his Learn to Swim certificate as well as his level 1 coaching.


Kim Van Niekerk


Kim was a swim-mom, spending many weekends at the poolside supporting her daughter. Her personal aspiration to complete an Ironman got her into the water, where she developed a new respect for the sport. Unfortunately back problems meant that Kim was not able to take part in the race.

However, she still wanted to be in the water and decided to give back to the sport through teaching. Her aim is to gain as much experience as possible in the field of swimming and aqua aerobics as she loves both and would like to help others realise the importance of the skill of swimming as well as exercising.

Despite her setbacks, Kim loves exercising and still takes part in cycle races such as The Jock, Cape Argus, and the 947 Cycle Challenge.

As a member of the Little Fishes family, she has her Learnt to Swim Certificate and level 1 first aid under Swim South Africa. Kim is our reserve teacher and happily fills in for us if one of our other instructors is ill or unable to make class for any reason.


Megan Van Huyssteen


Teacher Megan’s passion lies in education, and she is especially dedicated to education pertaining to swimming.

She is particularly passionate about teaching adults, and her aim is for them to enjoy the sport of swimming as well as to feel safe in the water.

Megan is currently studying a BA Creative Writing through the University of South Africa, and would one day in the future like to venture into either the teaching or the copywriting field.

She did her swimming qualifications through Swim South Africa and this includes her Learn to Swim Certificate and level 1 First Aid.


Michelle Gomes


Teacher Michelle has a long history with the Little Fishes family. She started her journey with us at the tender age of two when she first enrolled in the school as a swimming student.

Sport is a very important part of Michelle’s life. Having recently achieved her level 0 in hockey and soccer umpiring and her level 1 in hockey coaching, she is currently studying Sports Communication at the University of Johannesburg. Throughout her school career she played soccer and was vice captain for the Central Gauteng team for three years in a row.

Her qualifications cover her Learn to Swim certificate and level 1 first aid.




Originally hailing from Limpopo, Freddy is a hard-working father of 3 who’s constant smile always brings a sense of happiness into the pool area.

Freddy is an integral part of the Little Fishes team and ensures that the pool is always crystal clear for our students. He also has a green thumb and his skills have carried over into our garden area.

Freddy is a talented swimmer and often enjoys swimming a few lengths for some exercise.