Stroke Development

Once swimmers are comfortable in the pool and have developed their aquatic skills to a satisfactory level, they are taught to extend and build on their swimming ability through an effective and proven stroke development programme. This can be used to guide swimmers to competitive swimming, or can just be used for the general benefits gained. Swimming has been shown to greatly enhance, promote and improve visual and auditory skills, general muscle tone, respiratory function, co-ordination, body space awareness and bone density. Stroke Development is also offered to adult swimmers wanting to improve their swimming skills. Should our swimmers wish to become involved in competitive swimming, we offer club swimming and regularly accompany our swimmers to open water competitions.
Even if you or your child never becomes involved in competitive swimming, the discipline of being involved in a professional and structured stroke development programme assists with time management and the supply of oxygen to the brain, which, it is believed, in turn, improves concentration for academics.
Additional Benefits:• The swimmer will be engaging the left and right side of the brain;• Breaststroke – encourages co-ordination of arms and legs and symmetry;• Freestyle – encourages central control and cerebral integration;• Backstroke – encourages central control and co-ordination;• Butterfly – encourages postural control and co-ordination;• Diving – promotes leverage and an understanding of momentum;• Tumble Turns – involve forward and backward rotation;• Breath Control – promotes good respiratory function and abdominals.