Your application is subject to acceptance, as the case may be, at the sole and absolute discretion of Little Fishes Swimming School (“Little Fishes”) and no reasons for Little Fishes’ decision in this regard need be given, and such decision is final and no further correspondence or debate will be entered into.
Upon acceptance of your application by Little Fishes a legal and binding agreement between Little Fishes and you is concluded, and the terms and conditions set out herein apply to such agreement. Such terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement concluded and applicable in this matter, and all prior representations, verbal agreements and the like are cancelled and of no further force and effect.
LESSONS Little Fishes is under the obligation to provide swimming lessons, however in the event that their current teacher is absent they will receive their lessons from another teacher. We are not obliged to give your child make-up lessons under their current teacher due to the teacher’s absenteeism. NOTE: Our teachers are trained to teach 4 children at a time – we pride ourselves in only teaching 2 children per lesson, however there are times that we need to have 4 children per lesson and request your co-operation at these times.
MAKE-UP LESSONS The lessons that are registered for run consecutively for both Baby Fishes and Little Fishes. Except for specific reasons that allow for make-up classes (see below), missed lessons are forfeited and not carried over to the next term.

We are not obliged to do make-up lessons for any reason – however, should your child be ill or cannot make lessons for an extended period - a doctor’s note is required, and we will try and assist with make-up lessons where possible. Should our schedules be full, we will not be able to accommodate your request. We DO NOT make up lessons for school holidays/play dates/parties/ or weather conditions. Lessons will not be credited.

Please notify us should your child not be attending their lesson. We do not follow any particular school term and therefore run throughout the year. Missed lessons disrupt continuity and hinder swimming progress. Lessons are consecutive. 

Payments are to be paid on or before the 5th of the month for the month ahead. Statements are sent via email.
Should accounts not be paid by the 7th of the month, children will not be allowed to attend lessons until accounts have been settled. No make-up lessons will be given nor will any claims be entertained in this regard. Payment of fees may be done via EFT. The bank fees for cash deposits will be passed onto the swimmers account. When paying via EFT your child’s name and surname must please be used as a reference.
One full calendar's written notice is required should you wish to stop swimming lessons and needs to be given before the 5th of the month
HYGIENE  Swimming caps are compulsory and are to be worn. Caps can be bought from reception. Instructor will confirm whether goggles are needed.
OUTSTANDING FEES Parents agree to pay all charges, including legal fees on the attorney-and-client scale, which may arise in the event that legal or other action is taken by Little Fishes Swimming School to recover any fees due, including but not restricted to collection commission whether action is commenced or not. Parents will be listed on ITC for non payment. 
WAIVER AND INDEMNITYYou hereby agree to keep Little Fishes indemnified and to hold Little Fishes harmless against all and any claims howsoever arising and against all actions, procedures, claims, demands, costs and expenses whatsoever which may be taken or made against Little Fishes or be incurred or become payable as a result of this agreement.
In this regard you accept, understand and confirm that Little Fishes will in no way be liable to you and/or any other third party at all in respect of this agreement and the supply by Little Fishes and/or its assignees of swimming lessons and that in order to give effect hereto you hereby undertake to at all times take the appropriate steps immediately as they become necessary to protect Little Fishes interests. You hereby accept that any person using Little Fishes equipment and property and pool, and/or attending its premises and partaking in swimming lessons does so entirely at their own risk and neither Little Fishes nor its Management or Staff, or assigns, shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for any claim or damage howsoever arising or suffered either directly or indirectly from personal injury or harm whatsoever including death or any damage, whether direct or indirect, to personal or other property whatsoever, and howsoever caused.
WEATHER / LIGHTNING POLICY In the case of lightning, swimmers are removed from the pool. At Bedfordview, lessons will be delayed while waiting for the lightning to clear. Should lightning not pass during your allocated lesson, unfortunately there will be no make up lesson. At Ridgewood, class will continue and land based training will be done.We continue to swim through rain but not lightning. Should Little Fishes cancel lessons for any other reason than weather – these lessons will be made up – not credited.
MEDICAL Parents must please ensure that we are up to date with known medical conditions. Children who are ill or on medication must have written permission from their doctors to swim.