Learn to Swim

Children from 3 years through to adults attend Learn to Swim classes at our Little Fishes facility. Learn to swim classes are independent classes (without a parent or caregiver in the water). Teaching is done in a small group setting, with a maximum 2 pupil:1 teacher ratio. Each child is taken at their own pace. All teaching is in groups as interaction with others is fun, and competition is a great motivator. Particular care is taken to ensure that children are placed in appropriate classes. Children are not grouped strictly in ages, but according to ability. As soon as a child is progressing beyond the level of the group, we recommend a change to a stronger class so that the child is not prevented from reaching their full potential and so that they don’t become bored. Specific equipment and toys are used in order to teach and stimulate natural curiosity whilst placating any anxiety. Equipment and toys are replaced on a regular basis. Learn to Swim classes can also be geared towards adult students.

Learning to swim can take any length of time. The more committed you are to bringing you child to swimming lessons, the faster they will progress. Constant aquatic exposure naturally makes children more comfortable in water - just as they learn to walk sooner when they constantly practice, so too do they learn to swim faster when they are given more opportunity to be in the pool. Success is all about constant aquatic exposure.