Baracuda Swimming Club was established with the goal of promoting the sport of swimming on a club, provincial and national level. Every swimmer in the club is provided with the best physical, mental and moral support to attain their best in the club swimming environment.

Why Baracuda Swimming Club is the ideal training option.

As part of the Little Fishes portfolio, Baracuda Swimming Club carries swimmers right through from foundation level to competitive swimming. With the proper groundwork set out in the beginning of a swimming career, combined with the world-class coaching and facilities that have become synonymous with the Little Fishes family of schools, Baracuda swimmers have shown that proper training really does produce the best possible swimmer that you can be. 


Baby Fishes

Baby Fishes classes are aimed specifically at infants between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old. These are conducted by specially trained Todswim instructors who have done extensive safety and water training for younger swimmers.


Little Fishes

‘Learn to Swim’ classes are aimed at children 3 years and older that are not yet water safe. These children require classes to improve their swimming skills, and also ensure they are safer in and around the water.


Baracuda Swimming Club

Baracuda Swimming Club focuses on coaching and competitive swimming. This is aimed at children who are proficient in the water and ready to swim at gala and open water level. This is a wonderful way to promote healthy competition and camaraderie. 


Club Registrations

Baracuda Swimming Club Annual Membership Fees

For Non-Registered EGA/SSA Swimmers:(This is if you do not wish to compete in the competitive galas.)If your swimmer/s are not registering with EGA/SSA, a club Membership fee of R400.00 per annum will be charged.
For Registered EGA/SSA Swimmers:In order to compete in EGA or SSA galas you need to be a registered swimmer at the beginning of the Season, the fee is made up as follows:CLUB MEMBERSHIP FEE BREAKDOWN AMOUNTClub Fee R800.00 Eastern Aquatics Registration Fee R508.00Swimming South Africa Annual Registration Fee R392.00Gala Deposit Fee R500.00TOTAL R2 200.00
Athletics must register as a swimmer/athlete and receive a unique confirmation number from SSA. Please use our venue code: JPGH016

Joining and Registration

Baracuda Membership: Joining and Registration Procedures 

Completed application form to be submitted with proof of payment at the beginning of the season.SSA Capitation form to be completed and submitted with copy of birth certificate or ID document.Proof of payment must accompany your registration form.Swimmers wishing to transfer clubs need to do so before the 30th October, unless you are transferring from another province.

General Registration Information

All swimmers wishing to compete in EGA and SSA galas must be registered by the 15th of May of each year.
During the season new members/swimmers wanting to participate in galas are to be registered with EGA through Baracuda at least 14 days prior to the closing date for entries.

This rule is set by SSA and no late registrations will be accepted by EGA. All memberships and registrations terminate on the 30th of April of the following year.

Swimmers need to be affiliated to a club before registering with EGA. No person may participate in any competition unless that person is registered in time.

Registrations will only be accepted from an authorised club registration secretary. az.oc.sehsifelttil%40aducaraB

All registrations to be completed on the prescribed forms.

Contact Details for Related Enquiries

For more information about joining BaracudaGeneral EnquiriesLearn to Swim (LTS)az.oc.sehsifelttil%40aducaraB
For more information about Squad TrainingHEAD COACHOffice hours: 12:30-17:30Jonathan Wood .az.oc.sehsifelttil%40nahtanoj+27 79 507 3958
COACHRoss Wilson az.oc.sehsifelttil%40aducaraB

Gala Information

Gala Entry Procedures

Parents and swimmers are kindly requested to follow the gala entry procedures to enable timeous and effective administration of gala entries.
The Gala Administrator, az.oc.sehsifelttil%40aducarab will send out a reminder to all members to register for galas via email. This email will go to parents as well as senior swimmers who are on the club mailing list.
Swimmers need to consult with their respective coaches, who will advise them on what events to register for.
Once gala entries have been confirmed with the respective coach, parents or senior swimmers need to send an email to the Gala Administrator at least 2 days before the cut off time for entries. NO verbal entries will be accepted.
Entries must be sent in writing to the Gala Administrator via email confirming the event number and description of each race. The Administrator will complete a club entry file and send this to the EGA or relevant hosting club, along with a payment from Baracuda Swimming Club.
Once received, the EGA or relevant hosting club will compile a final gala Psych sheet and send this back to the Baracuda's Gala Administrator who will send it out to swimmers and parents for checking.

If, for any reason, swimmers need to change events or withdraw from a gala at this stage, it will need to be done in writing so that the EGA or Hosting club can be notified. This will hopefully alleviate “No Shows” at galas and avoid fines being administered.
Costs to cover gala entry fees will be deducted from the Gala Entries Fund kitty to ensure that no time is lost in recovering payments. It is each parents responsibility to check their gala entry balances and make sure that they are always in credit to cover gala entry costs.
Should you not receive confirmation of gala entries approximately a week before the event, please contact the Gala Administrator.
Should no written correspondence of non-attendance be received from the parents by the stipulated closing date, their child will not be entered into the gala. Gala entry fees will then apply and your club account will be debited accordingly.
The Team Manager for the gala will be advised and full gala details and final Psych Sheets will be sent out to parents and swimmers.

Galas: Responsibility of the Parents/Swimmers

To check the calendar for upcoming events on a regular basis and ensure that their swimmer is available to swim.
To check draft entries on receipt from the Gala Administrator
To advise the Gala Administrator at least 2 weeks prior to a gala if the swimmer is unable to participate after registration.
Swimmers to arrive early at marshalling to avoid being scratched from events.
Swimmers are to ensure that they have not taken any prohibited drugs before participating in a gala.

Gala Categories

EGA hosted events.
Gala events are featured throughout the Winter and Summer periods.
All these dates and events are predetermined and published at the beginning of the season.
The above Gala’s are either a SC or LC event
All Gala’s will be raced in predetermined heats.

Level 1/2/3/SANJ
All swimmers who race throughout the season are eligible for the National Gala’s on the following conditions:
There is no qualifying time for Level 1.
SA hosted galas with the assistance of the District they are racing in.
They must have achieved a qualifying time in a particular event in the age group which the swimmer will be on the first day of the gala. New qualifying times are published every year.
No 50m qualifying times for Level 3 & SANJ.
Swimmers may only participate in one level gala of which they have to swim at the highest level they have qualified for.
Swimmers need to have swum 2 Individual Medley times within the current season in order to participate at Level 3 and SANJ.
Level 1, 2, 3 and SANJ is swum at 1 venue with all the countrywide clubs participating.
Raced as heats and finals.

All swimmers who race throughout the season are eligible for the National Gala’s on the following conditions:
SSA hosted galas with the assistance of the District they are racing in.
There is only 1 qualifying time per event regardless of age groups. They must have achieved a qualifying time in a particular event. New qualifying times are published every year.
SA Youth and SA Senior Nationals are swum LC. SA Short Course are swum as SC.
Raced as heats and finals.

These galas are for selection only. EGA selection committee will choose all teams based on the times which swimmers have achieved in the current season. (Please note that non participation in winter galas may result in a swimmer not being selected for IP Galas).