Baby Swimming

Our dedicated Baby Fishes facility specialises in babies and toddlers from 6 months to 3 years old. Infants are given the opportunity to develop their inherent swimming ability simply by exposing them to the aquatic environment and allowing them to play in it in a swim-directed manner. The focus is on gentle, fun classes that promote learning and development in an age-appropriate, delicate manner. Toddlers are the primary age group for drowning, and a lack of water knowledge often leads to a sense of fear when it comes to small children and water. Our instructors undergo extensive training in order to create a harmonious relationship with infants/toddlers and water, and encourage parents to develop a love for water in a safe manner. Infants are accompanied in the water by their parents or their principal carers who follow instructions given through the medium of songs, chants, rhymes and games. Group learning makes for stress-free lessons. 
The earlier a child starts swimming lessons, the easier they find it to turn land skills into aquatic skills. These children become more confident in water. Despite a number of sensationalised videos that often do the rounds on social media, it is impossible to completely drown-proof an infant or toddler. However, the creation of water safety and awareness with infants/toddlers and their parents makes a profound impact when it comes to drowning prevention. Understanding how to avoid potential drown situations is far more effective in the fight against child drownings. Swimming lessons definitely contribute to water safety, but our instructors will reinforce correct prevention methods such as water awareness, ensuring the correct enclosure of home pools, cautiousness regarding ponds, water features and shallow water bodies, as well as constant supervision of children around any form of water. 
In addition to both the fun aspect and important water safety aspect of swimming lessons, it is also a wonderful bonding experience for parents and their little ones. Today‚Äôs busy lifestyles mean that we are often constantly on the go. Swimming lessons give you and your baby/toddler some dedicated time with each other every week where you can be completely focused on your child and building your relationship with them. 
Infants are grouped for lessons according to their age with a maximum of six parent-tot pairs per group. Baby Fishes is broken down into 2 different development programs, each one lasting for 6 weeks (12 weeks in total). Various courses take infants through to Graduation and ultimately LTS (Learn to Swim) swimming.