General Questions

How often will school swimming be done?

School swimming will be done once a week in PE class for 30 minutes a lesson.
Extramural swimming will be done twice a week after school for 1 hour a lesson. 

When will swimming be for my child?

The school will send out necessary communication regarding scheduling. Swimming will be during PE, once a week for the whole school 

Do the instructors have the necessary training?

Our instructors are qualified and register with Swimming South Africa every year. They also have current Level 1 First Aid Certification and are obliged to update their CPR qualifications and to produce a Police Clearance Certificate annually. Baby Fishes swimming instructors also undergo specialised training in order to qualify as Todswim instructors aimed at working with infants and toddlers 3 years old and younger.

My child attends swimming at another school?

Our main aim within the aquatics programme is to ensure our swimmers are water safe by grade 1. All our swimmers need to be able to swim a full length of the pool, with basic understanding of the four FINA strokes. We understand this may be difficult initially, but we believe with a good foundation and development of the aquatics programme this is achievable

How many children in a class?

We will have up to 5 teachers on the pool deck at a time. Swimmers will be grouped by class, and then by ability within the class 

But my child can’t swim, how can they participate?

That’s ok and that’s why it’s important that they start now to ensure they received this vital life skill. 

Why do assessments over two weeks?

In order to ensure that all children receive the appropriate swimming training, comprehensive assessments will be carried out over the first 2 weeks of the programme for all children wanting to participate. Once completed, parents will receive correspondence advising them on their child’s swimming ability and the recommended necessary processes.

What do I need to pack for swimming?

Label clothing!!! NB  Come to school dressed in you school costume, under you PT clothes. Please remember to pack dry underwear. Long hair to be tied up or plaited on swimming day A Ridgewood College branded swim cap is compulsory. Swimmers will receive their silicon swimming caps in the first week of assessments. The fee of the caps will be added to your account at R120 per cap 

Where will my child change before & after swimming?

Teachers and assistant will ensure the children are appropriately dressed for their lesson. Once in their swim attire they will be brought onto pool deck.

Can I come watch the swimming lesson at school?

Unfortunately no viewing during the PT lessons, however parents are welcome to watch the lessons done after school - we encourage it as, we hope parents then practice these techniques at home.

Is once a week during PE lessons enough to learn to swim.

Due to the slightly larger ratio’s, we do encourage additional LTS lessons after school. Like anything, the more exposure you have, the better one will be at it

Extra mural swimming

When do Extra Mural lessons start

Formal extra mural lessons start with the January school term start. Please ensure that you contact Little Fishes directly for after school swimming. (az.oc.sehsifelttil%40doowegdiR or 079 641 6895) To apply online, click here.The online link is ONLY for Extra mural lesson. We cannot accept a swimmer without a completed application form. 

Why should I join Little Fishes, what makes them different?

Little Fishes was established in 1986 and has developed extensive knowledge in the aquatics arena. Instructors are qualified & register with Swimming South Africa every year. They have current Level 1 First Aid Certification & are obliged to update their CPR qualifications & produce a Police Clearance certificate annually. Learn To Swim teaching is done in a small group setting, with our highly specialised programme insisting on a strict 2 pupil:1 teacher ratio.

Why apply now?

Due to our unique ratio and the quality of teaching we are limited. Please confirm your spot as soon as you can.

How do I pay swimming

School swimming is paid by the school. Extra mural swimming is charged termly January - April & Sept - December. Unfortunately we do not have a monthly payment option. 

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

There is unfortunately no definitive answer to this question. What we can tell you is that there is no “quick fix” when it comes to learning to swim. The more committed you are to attending lessons regularly, the faster you will progress. It is all about constant aquatic exposure. A person would learn to swim as quickly as he / she learns to walk if he / she was exposed to the aquatic environment as frequently as he / she was given the opportunity to practise walking. No swimmer is the same and, as they learn to roll over, crawl, walk and talk at different times, so it is with swimming. 

Can my child compete

Baracuda @ Ridgewood and Baracuda Bedfordview will partake in competitive and non-competitive galas. Coaching and club fees are separate for the LTS lessons.