After school swimming at Ridgewood Aquatic Club

Extra swimming lessons take place on Ridgewood College Premises with the aim of getting children ready to swim in a shorter space of time. Extra swimming lessons after school will allow those children who already know how to swim, to zone in on skill development and technique to allow all children the opportunity to be trained on a more competitive level. These will be paid classes taught at the school swimming pool after the school day ends.
In order to ensure that all children receive the appropriate swimming training, comprehensive assessments will be carried out over the first 2 weeks of the programme for all children in all grades wanting to participate. Once completed, parents will receive correspondence advising them on their child’s swimming ability. They will then be assigned to the relevant category. 4 categories will be on offer at the school:


Learn To Swim (LTS)

Children who are 3 years or older who are not water safe and need to improve their swimming abilities.


Early Stroke Development

Children who are confident in the water and are ready to start developing proper swimming technique.


School Team

Children who are proficient in the water and swim well enough to compete against other school swimmers as part of a team.


Club Swimming

Children who are very confident in the water and wish to swim competitively and non-competitively.

How will Swim season at Ridgewood College work?

Once assessments of all grades have been conducted, a Ridgewood College Baracuda Swim team will be established. This team will compete in Gala’s, representing Ridgewood College, as planned for and facilitated by Little Fishes. 
All learners will get to participate in our annual house gala, where the more competitive swimming skills will be further nurtured. 
Coach Jonathan will allow learners, at the right swimming level, to attend yearly events such as Midmar Mile and Sun City Schools gathering. 

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Little Fishes Aquatic Programme At Country Kids Preschool

Country Kids wants to ensure all their children are water safe. Together with Little Fishes, their goal is to make swimming compulsory for all Country Kids children aged 2-3 years. Water safety needs to become an important part of the school curriculum, and we hope to help Country Kids achieve this extremely vital goal.
Little Fishes & Baby Fishes Swimming School lessons focus on teaching children to Swim to Survive. 
Our approach develops intuitive swimming skills and a real understanding of what to do if the unexpected occurs. 
We do not offer drownproofing or forced submersion as this leads to long term trauma, Our classes are approximately 30 minutes
We do offer moms and babes classes at Country Kids, should parents be interested. These classes run on Mondays and Fridays between 13:00 - 13:30 and 13:30 - 14:00 (depending on availability).
Our private facilities are based in Bedfordview, should you want to come privately, please let us know. 


Our little swimmers at Country Kids will be assessed at the end of every term and are recognised during this time for their wonderful achievements. Due to the lessons being done during the school day, biannually we will invite our parents to join in on our lessons, so that we can pass on to mom and dad the skills and knowledge, of how to handle their littles ones during a bath routine and while they are on holiday etc We encourage our parents to be active and part of their littles ones swimming journey. Children have the option of attending swimming lessons once or twice a week, we do encourage twice a week as this has shown the most progression